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COVID-19 Park Safety Tips

The dog runs in Maria Hernandez Park will remain open during park hours unless ordered closed by city or NYPD. Please exercise extreme caution when using the park.

  • Stay home if you are sick / feverish or have been in contact with anyone sick / feverish in recent weeks

  • Cover cough and sneezes by using your elbow or tissue

  • Wear a mask only if you are sick

  • Use social distancing - keep 6 feet away from other dog owners

  • Do not overcrowd the park - no more than 10 humans are allowed to gather in one area of the park

  • Bring hand sanitizer and sanitize after touching gates / locks / tools, etc.

  • Avoid touching your face, phone, or other dogs until you have properly sanitized your hands

  • Do not lick your fingers to open plastic bags - rub the corner to break the static seal

  • Discourage communal bowl use

  • Wipe down dog paws and fur after returning home

  • Wash hands thoroughly after returning home

  • Bathe dogs regularly

  • Wipe down phone, keys, headphones periodically with device approved sanitizing wipes

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